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Bring a partner, bring a date, or bring a group and take a stab at fencing!

This two-hour experience is a great way to try your hand at this time honored sport. Come learn the basics, suit up in a fencing uniform, hook-up to the electric scoring equipment and try your hand at this fast and fun sport. Learning to fence can be challenging for some, but is rewarding for most!

Fencing is a safe and exhilarating lifelong sport for all ages and athletic abilities. This may come as a surprise, considering the sport's origins, but modern fencing equipment and rules ensure that injuries are limited to the occasional bruised arm, or ego.

Foray Into Fencing

First Tuesday each month - 7 to 9pm - Next Experience - Tues. Nov 5th, 2013

$20 per person/$40* per couple
Register Online Here - Advanced Registration Required

Special Pricing available for Parties, Groups and Corporate Events. Please Email for more information to arrange a specific date.



Fencing is a safe and fun individual sport that is wonderful for all ages and all athletic abilities. Bay State Fencers has served fencing enthusiasts in and around the neighborhoods of Boston, Cambridge and Somerville, MA since 2004. We are pleased to offer a full-service fencing club, year-round fencing classes and individual private fencing lessons for all age groups.

Fencing encourages self-esteem, the development of self-confidence, and promotes physical fitness. Fencing is a great sport for developing general athletic skills including speed, agility, and coordination. Fencing teaches respect for self, teammates, competitors, and coaches. These practiced skills help fencers learn to make complex decisions, analyze problems, and to think quickly. These life skills help people achieve their potential.



Bay State Fencers is a full-service urban fencing club serving the communities in and around Boston, Cambridge and Somerville, MA.  We are pleased to offer fencing club membership, open fencing, and individual private fencing lessons for experienced fencers.

The coaching staff at Bay State Fencers is committed to supporting each individual as they work to achieve their personal, athletic, and competitive goals by fostering the principles of respect, patience, and competitive spirit. We have established ourselves as New England's premier Epee club and are experiencing rapid growth and robust results locally, nationally and internationally.

Bay State Fencers is a Member Club of the United States Fencing Association. US Fencing is the recognized National Governing Body for the sport of fencing in the United States.



Bay State Fencers is a very active place. In addtion to offering year round activities our fencers train hard and routinely travel to local, regional, national and international tournaments. We are home to national champions, NCAA collegiate fencers and we host high level international fencers every year. To learn more about us and to stay connected please sign up for our email newsletter below.


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