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Fencing In College

The sport of fencing enjoys a long tradition at many colleges and universities across the United States.

In fact, the first college-sporting trophy ever awarded was a fencing trophy called the “Iron Man”. This trophy is given to the top Men’s Fencing Team at the Intercollegiate Fencing Association's Championships. Fencing is also one of the first sports that women participated in on an intercollegiate basis.

 Given this longstanding tradition, nearly all colleges and universities have either a NCAA program or a Competitive Club program. Of the U.S. News and World Report’s top 20 Universities, 14 have NCAA programs and the other six have Competitive Club programs.

A college applicant with fencing experience has an advantage in college admissions. Colleges and Universities need men and women who can fence to participate on their NCAA teams or for thier Competitive Clubs. Many adult fencers believe that fencing made the difference between them going to a “good” university and a “great” university.

Fencing can provide that needed edge that kids and parents seek in the highly competitive college admissions process.  Bay State Fencers has worked with fencers who have grown up with us, graduated from high school and gone on to attend some of this countries finest colleges and universities. Most have continued to fence in college and some have been offered positions on teams.

Bay State Fencers Competitive Fencers have attended the following Universities: 

Emma Harris - University of Pennsylvania - NCAA Division 1 - Womens' Epee Team

Alexander Chiclana – Brown University – NCAA Division 1 – Men’s Epee Team

Conor Ghazaleh - Duke University - NCAA Division 1 - Men's Epee Team

Alejandra Trumble - University of Pennsylvania - NCAA Division 1 - Womens' Epee Team

Andrew Marshall - Rice University - Competitive Club

Katya Stavisky – Stanford University – NCAA Division 1 – Women’s Epee Team

Zachary Boynton – University of Massachusetts, Amherst – Competitive Club

American Colleges and Universities with NCAA Fencing Teams or Competitive Fencing Clubs: (local Universities are in bold)

Division I

    • Boston College
• Brown University
• City College of New York (women only)
• Cleveland State University
• Columbia University (with Barnard College)
• Cornell University (women only)
• University of Detroit Mercy
• Duke University
• Fairleigh Dickinson University (women only)
• Harvard University (women, men)
• Lafayette College
• University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (women, men)
• University of California, San Diego
• Northwestern University (women only)
• New Jersey Institute of Technology
• University of Notre Dame
• Ohio State University
• University of Pennsylvania (women, men)
• Pennsylvania State University
• Princeton University
• Sacred Heart University
• Stanford University
• St. John's University, New York
• Temple University (women only)
• United States Air Force Academy
• Yale University

Division II

    • Queens College, New York (women only)
• Wayne State University

Division III

      • Brandeis University
• California Institute of Technology Drew University
• Haverford College
• Hunter College
• Johns Hopkins University
• Lawrence University
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• New York University
• Stevens Institute of Technology
• Tufts University (women only)
• Vassar College
• Wellesley College (women only)
• Yeshiva University