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Sales and Service

Fencing Uniforms

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As a matter of safety, fencers must be dressed in protective fencing gear every time they participate in bouts or competitions at Bay State Fencers, or at any competition. We stock, or can special order, a wide range of fencing uniforms, at competitive prices. If you require alternate brands, (PBT, Allstar, Uhlmann or Leon Paul), or sizes please let us know and we will make a special order for you.

Stenciling Services We offer in-house stenciling services for uniforms and equipment at competitive prices. Email us with the details (surname and/or country code) and to schedule a drop off time. 
Zipper Repair or Replacement We offer an in-house fencing uniform zipper repair or replacement service. We do not currently repair fencing bag zippers.

For assistance with uniform sales, stenciling, or zipper services please email us at

Fencing Equipment

Bay State Fencers stocks, or we can special order, all necessary components for making fencing weapons, including foil, epee and sabre. The Armory is open to our members, students, other area clubs and the general public. 

Weapon Repair We offer a complete range range of parts and/or weapon repair services for foil, epee and/or sabre. If you have had trouble with a weapon or have been unsuccessful repairing your own weapons we are happy to help. We can troubleshoot the problem or we can do the repair for you in-house.  We also make new weapons to your exact specification. 

For more information or for assistance with equipment sales or services please email us at

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